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There is so much to see and do in the Waitomo and surrounding areas.

Waitomo Adventures

The most amazing New Zealand caving adventures are right here in our very own Waitomo Caves area. Offering several adventure packages including black-water rafting, cave abseiling, the Troll Cave, Haggas Honking Holes, a day spa and a café.


Family-run and locally owned, CaveWorld has exclusive access to the Footwhistle Cave; a stunning limestone network beneath the rolling hills of Waitomo. Here you'll discover a labyrinth of magnificent, undisturbed glowworm displays.

Aranui Cave

Aranui Cave is a magical, mystical place that is steeped in Maori myth and legend. Upon entering the cave, discover the exquisite interior decorations that have to be seen to be believed. Your guide will take you along safe boardwalks into narrow chambers to see the finest cave formations of all the caves in Waitomo.

Hairy Feet

Visit New Zealand's stunning Denize Bluff farm and tour where Sir Peter Jackson, director of Lord of the Rings Trilogy, filmed the most location screen time for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. The towering limestone cliffs, a primeval native forest and massive rock formations on this Piopio farm, near Waitomo became the location for Trollshaws Forest... and the home of "Sting"!

Waitomo Caves Discovery Centre

The Waitomo Caves Discovery Centre is operated by the charitable Waitomo Caves Museum Society and encourages visitors to come and explore the region's wonders, offering both tourism and historic information. The Centre is dedicated to preserving the area and its heritage for future generations, and teaching visitors about the magnificent caves they are enjoying.

Mangaokewa Scenic Reserve

The Mangaokewa Scenic Reserve provides a variety of great tramping tracks that form part of the Te Araroa Trail, along with picnic areas and an easy walk to the Cascade Waterfalls. Areas for swimming, bird watching and other recreational activities are also available.


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